Please Donate to SNIP

All Donations Gratefully Accepted

1. Send check to "SNIP" to:

1400 NE Barnes Butte Road
Prineville, Oregon 97754

A letter of receipt with our tax ID number will be returned

2. or donate through the United Way

All over the country people are being asked by their employers to join the United Way Campaign. Many, maybe all, of the organizations on the list that your company provides you are probably to help humans. Usually the animal charities don't make the list.

You may not know that you can designate your funds to go to any nonprofit corporation. You do not have to choose from the organizations on their list. To designate SNIP as your charity just write in "SNIP" and include the EIN (employer identification number) which is 56-2404718.

3. or include SNIP in your estate planning