How to Find Homes

The best way for your pet or a pet you’ve found to get a home is for you to find it for them.  It’s healthier, less stressful and more certain than anything else.

Run ads in the local newspapers, “Round-up”, or “Nickel Ad”.  Add pictures if possible.  Flyers with pictures and details are a wonderful way to advertise a pet.  Post on Craigslist, pets section.

Please do not offer animals “free to a good home”.  This will attract “bunchers” who take these animals and resell them to research labs, or use them to train dogs on, or feed them to other animals, etc., etc., etc.  Bunchers are often difficult to spot; they try to seem normal in order to get the animal for free and they are often well dressed and well spoken.  One man used to take his 5 children with him in order to look like the perfect, happy family.  He usually sought out larger animals such as ponies and goats and ate them.

Keep in mind that people who aren’t willing to pay even a small fee for an animal probably won’t be willing to pay vet bills when the pet needs help.  Ask for a small donation, $20 is reasonable. If you don’t feel right about accepting the money, donate it to your favorite charity.

For more ideas and help, Best Friends has a wonderful pdf booklet on line for you to download.